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Electric traction locomotive carbon brush

Eletric traction locomotive carbon brush can be divided into graphite and metal-graphite brush two broad categories. Separately for the main motor, high-low-voltage auxiliary motor, special auxiliary motor, in particular to the performance requirements for motor, generator set with electric motor and grounding with collecting ring. One of the metal graphite carbon brushes in general by the copper, tin, lead metal and graphite molding formulations. industrial&traction carbon brush

Locomotive traction power brush and other types of brush are not the same, it is subject to external factors (Units cars on the track of rotation) and internal factors (load changes, starting and braking) the impact of larger, and in different gas media Long time in a row repeatedly transported, so its mechanical strength, for the performance, stability, and exposure to higher wear resistance requirements. To this end, the brush must be asked at a wide range with stable characteristics, it is hoped that with the regular brush to form appropriate commutator surface films capacity, sliding friction vibration want small, cheap, etc.. Fundamentally speaking, constitute a brush of the raw materials and their combinations, as well as billet microstructure decide brush are an important factor in performance.

In order to improve the efficiency of motors and their use on the reliabilitytraction motor carbon brush of and seek to further improve motor performance, measured properties of very heavy brush. There is the need to point out that from the actual conditions of use of the test conditions to evaluate the characteristics of determination and of little value. In other words, should take full account of its actual use of performance and determination of related items from people in the past has been much research results. However, the use of various test methods and test equipment measured the following general characteristics: mechanical, thermal, optical, electrical, acoustic and other physical properties and chemical properties have. Electric traction motor brush Determination want the following items: brush size and machining accuracy, brush braided strength, riveting parts of resistance, resistivity, hardness, ash content and its composition, volume ratio, porosity, compressive strength, flexural strength, elastic modulus, friction coefficient and its fluctuations in the scope, impact strength and impact damage limit, current density and its distribution capacity, as well as sliding contact characteristics (voltage and current characteristics) and so on. Another, the traction motor power brushes also particularly increase the use of the most important properties, such as for the ability to brush the current distribution capabilities, capacity and sliding contact between brush and commutator wear and so on.



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