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The profile of graphite bearing

The graphite material are widely used as special bearing because the graphite has lots of good wear resistant characteristics. The graphite bearing are widely used in the place which do not permit using the axunge grease,such as:food industry;drink industry;weave industry;chymistry industry,etc. The graphite bearing used especially in the transporter machine; drier machine of paper making industry;fabroc drier machine of weave industry;synthetic fiber weave machine;cigarette equipment and diving machine,etc. There must be some pollution if we use axunge grease. But the graphite bearing has perfect lubricate capability. It can be ran long time without any axunge grease.

When we choose the graphite bearing we must consider the temperature at which the graphite bearing running.The temperature has two aspects,the one is the graphite circumference medium's temperature,the other is the temperature of attrition when the graphite bearing running.In a word,the temperaure is different when we use different graphite material.So we have to choose the most suitable graphite material to manufacture graphite bearing.The wear is greatly deduced when the graphite bearing used in the liquid. And the liquid can give out the quantity of heat when graphite bearing runing. So,it increase greatly the permitting PV value. In fact the graphite bearing permitted PV value will 1000 times of that running in desiccation situation.




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