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Boyo-carbonplate Boyo carbon graphite plates are one of the owners want products widely applicable to all types of machinery, chemical industry, metallurgy, nuclear energy and other industries, as well as the use of imported equipment to do fittings, to replace imported parts, has good high temperature, self-lubricating, conductive coefficient strong advantages. Boyo carbon graphite plate production can be achieved density 2.5g / cm 3

Carbon graphite plate as a sealing component has been effectively used for compressor rotor engines, gasoline engines, printing presses, vacuum pumps and other equipment.

From the design point of view, the carbon graphite seal blown film rotary compactor is essentially sealed cavity, mainly composed by a cylindrical rotor, the rotor is equipped with some placed in the radial slot of the carbon blade, rotor eccentricity and installed in the water-cooled or air-cooled on the cylindrical shaft. When the rotor rotation, the carbon blade at the effect of centrifugal force, was thrown down the radial and in close contact with the contact body, rotor and put the space between the cylinder wall is divided into many parts (as the carbon graphite scraping the number of tablets may be ).

Through practice and improved, generally agreed that carbon graphite scraping piece of self-lubricating properties of materials is very important. If carbon graphite scraping contact between films and the friction coefficient of a great run at the process will produce a high friction hot. In order to avoid such a situation, in recent years, general agreement that a very good self-lubricating properties of artificial graphite powder as raw materials and coal tar pitch as a binder by the finished graphite platemixing, suppressed, lost and made of burning carbon graphite material to produce scratch films, its use effective. If this material further graphitization treatment, the self-lubricating performance will be better, but its own strength has decreased, which is incompatible with the use requirements, which generally do not deal with by the graphitization. Carbon graphite in order to further enhance the strength of doctor blade can be impregnated carbon-graphite materials treatment. However, attention should be paid to select impregnated materials, in particular selection of metal impregnated material, the use of a larger proportion to the metal impregnated carbon graphite scraping film, although the carbon graphite can improve the strength of doctor blade, but an increase of carbon graphite to contact their own doctor blade body wear and tear, the centrifugal force will inevitably increase, easily scratch piece of carbon graphite and contact between the friction surface fatigue happened to industry "dot" or "flake" shape off, so that graphite carbon doctor blade sealing performance.



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