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BOYO CARBON located in Wu*i National High & New Technology Industrial Development Zone.

metal carbon brush

metal carbon brush is one of most important products of BOYO CARBON. Why we call it carbon mix copper carbon brush? The reason is the maim material of carbon brush is made of copper powder and carbon powder. The characteristic of carbon mix copper carbon brush is low resistance, high conductance ability, strong pressure resistance , high temperature tolerance and anticorrosive. The main application is to use in the DC-motor, electric-generator motor and collector ring , etc which need to go through heavy current. The carbon mix copper carbon brush can be divided into low copper carbon brush, medium copper carbon brush and high copper carbon brush according to the copper content. Boyo carbon had a complete set of advanced formula and advanced equipments to assure manufacturing all kinds of high quality carbon mix copper carbon brush. At the same time we had exported a great to European and American markets. And the carbon mix copper carbon brush of BOYO CARBON had completely replace the international brand Grade such as: RC67,RC73,CG651,NJ25,MH32,ETC.

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