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Carbon graphite bushings and seal rings

Any sealing devices for the gas or liquid media are sealed in a closed window, while moving parts (shaft or piston rod) can seal protruding from the closed window in order and the original motivation phase.

carbon graphite bushings and sealsSeals can be made non-contact structure, that is fixed between the parts and pieces of sports to stay a very small gap size; can also make contact, that is, the fixed parts and pieces to make sliding contact sport.

Contactless seal lubricant required to reduce the sliding contact surface of friction and wear. When the liquid medium in itself has some lubricating properties, we can use as a contact medium itself sealed lubricant. If there is no lubrication media job performance, but also does not allow the use of additional lubricant, no lubricant should be used when running the contact seal.

Sliding velocity at small job without a high temperature and pressure of circumstances, can be used with soft graphite filler sealing, or by the leather, steel paper, made of fluorine plastic sealed bowl, or made from reinforced plastic sealing ring.

With the equipment parameters improve job has been substantial use of the carbon graphite material Antiwear rigid seal ring to ensure that equipment in the absence of lubricants and high-speed high-temperature or corrosive media job reliably. At turbine gas turbine, piston compressor or turbine, the steam engine, pumps, gas compressors, submersible pump, water pump, the nuclear two very pumps, boiler feed pump, drying machines, textile printing and dyeing machines, pumps, heat-setting machines, shielding separator pump, precipitators, steam flow meter, heat pumps, aircraft engine, fuel tank, start the motor, cigarette machine, fan, clutch device, steam turbine, Calcined soda machine furnace,carbon graphite bushings and seals centrifugal pumps, compressors, vacuum pumps, turbine fermenter, printing machinery vacuum pressure pump gas compressor, rotary engine as well as various chemical equipment, carbon graphite sealing ring has been widely used.

In accordance with the different uses, basically can be divided into reciprocating piston rod seals and rotary shaft seal sealing two broad categories.

Boyo carbon production of various types of carbon ring seal has fully met all kinds of requirements, and successfully exported to the United States and the European Union and other countries and regions.


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