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Brush holders

Brush the role of grip through the spring will add stress with commutator or collector ring sliding contact surface of the brush on its body and at a fixed rotation between stable conduction current. Of motor, the brush and brush grip are very important components. No matter how well the characteristics of brush, brush grip inappropriate, the brush can not give full play to its excellent properties, but also electrical performance and life itself a great impact.

Brush grip structure as shown, which maintain the brush in position on the provisions of the brush box parts, with appropriate pressure to prevent the brush down brush pressure vibration of the brush box and pressure to connect part of the framework of some and the frame fixed to the motor brushes on the fixed parts. Brush grip on the performance of the following requirements: to maintain stability brush, inspection or replacement of brushes, the ease of loading and unloading boxes at Brush brush, adjust brush to brush box at the exposed part (Brush the bottom edge of box with commutator or collector ring surface gap) in order to prevent grinding bad commutator or collector ring, brush pressure changes, compression direction and the pressurized position on the effects of brush wear is smaller, and the structure of a solid. Brush mainly bronze castings, aluminum castings and other synthetic materials. Brush Materials requirements grip itself has a good mechanical strength, processing performance, corrosion resistance, thermal properties and conductivity properties.




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