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Automobil carbon brush

• Starter Motor Carbon Brush:

Starter Motor Series Motor used. Its rated voltage and rated power are as follows: for gasoline vehicles (engine 360-2000 ml) for 12 V / 0.4-1.2 kW for small diesel car (exhaust for 2000-3000 ml) for 12 V / 1.5-3 kW for large diesel vehicles to 24 volt / 3.7-11 kW.

Brush with the requirements of low speed high torque characteristics and wear resistance of the instantaneous overload. Because of starting current significantly, so attention should be paid to contact voltage drop, the spring pressure to improve. In principle, exposure to low-voltage brushless wear, and therefore may be based on torque and life expectancy to AUTO BRUSHdetermine the carbon material. Run-time, with the brushless motor speed and reduce the weight gradually increased. Brush life to start 2-5 million (to 10 times every day in terms of up to 6 years) as the standard.

Because of carbon brush materials contained more metal, therefore, with other types of brushless motor compared to the impact of the vulnerability of low-temperature and low humidity. In order to reduce the carbon brush and commutator wear and tear, often added to formula at Brush lead, tin and other special ingredients.

? Generator Brush

And John DC generator can also improve the output power / weight ratio. Choose from carbon materials, the difficult change to the electric motor of the use of carbon graphite, for electrical particularly difficult to use natural graphite carbon brush of high resistance, the use of soft graphite carbon brush carbon brush noise problem can be solved.

? Assisted with brushless motor

Heating equipment, including water and electrical equipment such as scrubbers have been common equipment in the car, further air-conditioning equipment, air conditioners, windows and seats adjust movements such as equipment necessary to use carbon.

Boyo produced various types of vehicles have been exported carbon to Europe and the United States and many other countries and regions, but also for domestic OEM auto parts manufacturers for supporting production.

BS*12 9*13*25.5 6/12V FOR BOSCH BS*34 9*20*28.5 24V FOR BOSCH
BS*35 12*20*28.5 12V FOR BOSCH BS*44 9*13*25.5 24V FOR BOSCH
BS*93 7*16*18 24V FOR BOSCH BS*96 7*16*18 24V FOR BOSCH
BS*98 9*16*17 12V FOR BOSCH BS*100 7*10*18 24V FOR BOSCH
BS*102 9*16*18 12V FOR BOSCH BS*106 7*16*18 12V FOR BOSCH
BS*118 10*25*23 12V FOR BOSCH BS*121 7*14*16 12V FOR BOSCH
BS*124 7*16*18 12V FOR BOSCH BS*128 7*10*18 12V FOR BOSCH
BS*130 12*36*27 12V FOR BOSCH BS*131 12*36*27 24V FOR BOSCH
BS*132 7*16*18 12V FOR BOSCH BS*134-144 10*25*17 12V FOR BOSCH
BS*135-145 8*25*17 24V FOR BOSCH BS*136 10*25*23 12V FOR BOSCH
BS*137-143 9*16*17 12V FOR BOSCH BS*138-142 9*16*15.5 24V FOR BOSCH
BS*140 7*16*15 12V FOR BOSCH BS*146 7*10*14 12V FOR BOSCH
BS*147 10*36*27 12V FOR BOSCH BS*148 12*36*27 24V FOR BOSCH
BS*149 7*10*14 12V FOR BOSCH BS*151 7.5*18*19 12V FOR BOSCH
BS*154 7*10*14 12V FOR BOSCH BS*155 10*25*15 12V FOR BOSCH
BS*156 7*10*14 12V FOR BOSCH BS*157-158 6*18*13/14.5 12V FOR BOSCH
BS*159-160 5*16*11.5/13 12V FOR BOSCH BS*161-162 5*12*11.6 12V FOR BOSCH
BS*163-164 10*25*15 12V FOR BOSCH BS*165 7.5*18*18 24V FOR BOSCH
BS*166 5*12*11.6 12V FOR BOSCH BS*170-171 10*25*15 24V FOR BOSCH
BS*172-173 12*36*19 24V FOR BOSCH BS*175-176 5*12*11.6 12V FOR BOSCH
BS*188 6*14*23.5 12/24V FOR BOSCH FN107-110 6*16*14
FN114 7*12*16 FN124-125 7*11*18
FN140-005 7*11*16 FN140-141 7*11*16
FN145-178 7*12*17 FN155-156 8*14.5*22
FN189-190 7*14*16 FN191-192 9*19.5*19.5
FN195-196 9*19.5*22.5 FN305 6*7*16
FN313-314 5*7*16.5/14.5 FN318 6*7*18/17
FN320 6*7*14.5/13.5 FN342 5*7*16.5/14.5
FN349 6*7*23 FN373 5*7*21.5/20.5
FN376 5*7*21.5/20.5 FN378 5*7*18.5/15.5
FN382 5*8*18/17 FN386 5*8*19
FT102 7*12*19 FT124 7*16*14
FT128 8*25*21 FT130 6.5*10*16
FT133 8*25*15 FT305 5*8*18/16.5
FT313 5*8*28/27 FT314 5*8*22.5/21
FT315 5*8*22.5/21 FT316 5*7*15/14
FTA305 5*8*18 FTA310 4.7*10*20/18.5
FTA311 4.7*10*20/18.5 FTA313 5*8*28/27
FD149 9*20*23 FD156 8*25*21
FD150-151 10*20*21.5 FK303 5*8*18
FKA303 5*8*18 FH123 8*25*21
FI002-003 8*25*18 FI005-006 10*20*23,5
FI011-012 9*19*20 FI021-022 8*25*20
FI25 8*25*18 FI027 8*25*21
FI028 9*30*22.5 FI029 7*16*14
FI053 7*19*16 Fl135-136 8*14.5*22
FI200-201 7*19*16 Fl364 5*8*28/27
Fl355/356 5*7*21.5 FIA355 5*7*21.5
FIA356 5*7*21.5 FIA357 5*7*21.5
FIA364 5*8*26/27 FJ003-004 8*24*20
FJ007 6.5*10*16 FJ106-107 8*20*25
IS*5 12v 6*16*17 IS*16 12v 8*17*19
IS*21-22 12v 6*13*17.5 IS*23-24-28 12v 7*15.5*20
SCB01 9*20*26 SCB02 9*20*28
SCB03 7*16*22 SCB04 12*36*27
SCB05 7*10*18 SCB06 10*23*25




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