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Carbon brush runtime monitoring and fault treatment

Brush the operation process should be carried out timely care. Regular care because of the accident, or even stop production downtime. Set device to strengthen the electric part of the maintenance, Early identification of problems and problem-solving, you can remove a lot of accidents. With a commutator of the motor, not only because of brush from the role of conduction current, but also for the starting role, and therefore its workload is much greater care. Regular and careful observation for the status and characteristics of the sparks are very important. DC Motor to spark the size and status, are affected to various factors for the role of General reflected by the electrical operation of the main indicator of good or bad. Careful observation and thus spark the emergence of and changes in laws, sparks are generated by analysis of the causes and take measures to eliminate the basis of sparks.

Run-time generated by electric sparks form, usually divided into point-like sparks (very weak and not continuous); granular sparks (sparks more punctate, and brightness are more sparks strong punctate); fire sparks spherical (in the brush off stay or the edge of floating red or bright white sparks spherical); flame-like sparks (in the brush off, the spark prolong it, there is a short flame, usually red); Detonation-like sparks (sparks bright, there is a greater discharge sound); flying like sparks (flame out longer flying over the situation there is on Mars); ring-like sparks of fire (brush off sparks prolonged side with commutator surface at ring of fire, severe form of plus or minus Brush arc between two short-circuit).


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