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Carbon brush for DC motor use

Carbon brush of DC motor for the main role to play for, for referring to the rotating armature winding components from one slip to another slip, the brush in the process of short-circuit current generated by components within Change of direction. For the poor performance at run-time is the electrical spark happened. Level and sparks more than a certain limit will cause the carbon brush and commutator surface damage, with the result that should not continue to run the motor. When the motor for the situation well, sparks larger, an increase of the electrical brush wear. Especially when the commutator surface oxide film is damaged, the wear will be increased significantly. China's large motor experience illustrates this problem. Such as: large-scale steel mills and some of DC generators, each brush the average life expectancy of up to 7-8 months or so, when the change to the worse, their life expectancy shortened to 2-3 months, or even less.

Carbon brush of DC motor with Boyo companies are important products, mainly used for various types of DC motors, the Carbon brush of DC motor are due to consumables, to be replaced in less than many long, cumbersome and time-consuming, at the same time to spend also many, Wuxi Boyo Carbon Co., Ltd. based on years of experience in the production of carbon brushes, based on customer needs, providing international standards of quality Carbon brush of DC motor products, guaranteed service life of carbon brush while also addressing the vast number of customers frequent replacement of trouble! while also played a very good DC motor protective effect!






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