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Forklift Brush

At present because of China's sustained economic development, industrial sector and service sector to the demand for universal forklift upgrade,LINDE 12.5*32*32 all kinds of specifications and brands of forklift trucks has begun to be gradually adopted by all. Matched fittings of the forklift industry is the ascendant. Forklift brush specifications are all kinds of brand forklift parts, one of the important and often well paid one carbon, can enhance efficiency in the use of forklift trucks and use degrees. If Price is low, the quality of the carbon brush fail, often for forklift users unexpected trouble.

Boyo carbon produced by industry, company Forklift Brush, from the forklift truck to enter the Chinese market has started to develop and test a variety of brand forklift forklift matching with carbon brush, after years of testing and research and development, as well as numerous clients use , has been proved completely alternative to foreign Brush and Brush Price Only foreign original 1 / 3 or less. Boyo company are produced by Linde (LINDE forklift) and Japan Carbon Brush Series forklift shinko (SHINKO forklift), Sumitomo (SUMITOMO forklift), Nichiyu (NICHIYU forklift) Series forklift Brush, as well as China brands such as Heliforklift , Hangcha forklift, Global-Power Series forklift brands have substantial market by a widecarbon brush 12.5*40*40 range of new and old customers welcome!

The following is a part of Linde forklifts and Nichiyu use by supporting carbon brush specifications:

Original code: 0009718118 6 * 12.5 * 22mm

Original code: 0009718115 8 * 12.5 * 22mm

Original code: 0009718114 12.5 * 32 * 32mm

Original code: 0009718153 7 * 12.5 * 20.5mm forklift carbon brush

Original code: 0009718116 12.5 * 32 * 40mm

Original code :6172-70560 12.5 * 35 * 40

Original code :24172-70160 16 * 25 * 32

Original code :1924-31035 9 * 25 * 25


forklift carbon brush



forklift carbon brush
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